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Charitable Gift Annuity Immediate
(Gift example*)

You hold a stock portfolio that has appreciated well but only pays you 2% income per year. You are now 70, and you are concerned that if you sell some of the stock to reinvest in bonds, capital gains taxes will cut heavily into the proceeds. You want to make a significant gift to the Law School Foundation, but you need the income that your portfolio provides you.

You would like to find a gift plan that will continue this income and increase it, if possible.

Here's a summary of the estimated income and tax benefits from this gift annuity:

Donor (Age 70)

Amount contributed (stock)


Cost basis


Gift annuity rate


Annual payments


Tax-free portion


Capital gain


Ordinary income


Charitable deduction


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*This example is based on a factor that changes monthly. Contact our office for a personal illustration based on the latest rates.

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