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Charitable Gift Annuity—Deferred
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This version of the charitable gift annuity is designed for younger donors and those who want to plan now for future financial needs (for example, retirement or a child’s college tuition payments).

A deferred charitable gift annuity is exactly like an immediate charitable gift annuity in all but one respect: an immediate gift annuity begins paying fixed amounts to you or your beneficiaries immediately; a deferred gift annuity will begin making fixed payments at a future date.

By deferring the right to receive payments:

Using a deferred gift annuity to help plan for retirement

If you anticipate retiring in the next few years, you can set up one or more deferred gift annuities scheduled to begin making payments to you when your income decreases during a career phase-down or at full retirement.

Availability for younger donors

Although the minimum age at which annuity payments can begin is 55, a younger donor may establish a deferred gift annuity that begins making payments no earlier than the donor’s or another annuitant's 55th birthday.

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